[Non] Verbal Bodies Ziggy Slingsby and Laura Murphy

Circomedia, Portland square, Bristol, 28th September 2018 Go see if: You want to see experimental circus. Stay away if:  You don’t want to think or be challenged. [Non] Verbal Bodies is a double bill. Two circus shows for the price of one. Two shows placed together for their companionship on the outskirts of normal circus […]


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intent and readability

Whilst not every piece of work needs to have a deep level of artistic thought and some work can just be fun. Much of what is presented to us in a theatre, is often there to be read, choices are made on what to present. Everyone has a socio-political stand point whether they are aware […]

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Weraldband: Slapstick

Weraldband: Slapstick Edinburgh 2017 Go See if: You like clowning and super talented musicians Stay away if: props annoy you There promotion bills them as: An ode to musical comedians like Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers and Spike Jones. A spectacular collection of musical and humorous acts rooted in the music hall tradition, but with a […]

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No Show by Ellie Dubois

No Show by Ellie Dubois Edinburgh 2017 Go See if: You want to see impressive cyr wheel, hair hanging, acrobatics and think a little. Stay away if: You don’t like long pauses. Thoughtfully presented, meaningful messages and impressive tricks that are wonderfully choreographed. The personalities of the performers are individualised but not characterised. It progresses […]

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Sigma by The Gandini Project

Sigma by The Gandini Project Edinburgh Festival Assembly Rooms 2017 Go see if: You want an emotional and cerebral response Stay away if: You want things explained Mesmerising, visual, cerebral, multi-layered technology but simplistic in set. Successfully exploring where two rhythmical practises met: Juggling and  Bharatanatyam dance. This is total theatre with careful, explicit artistic […]

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Unmarked Vehicle by Chloe Mantripp

Unmarked Vehicle Chloe Mantripp Go and see if: Your interested in developing work with spoken words and aerial circus. Stay away if: You need a polished production. Overall impression: great characterisation, witty script, clever ideas. An emerging piece of work that will be interesting to develop. Nitty Gritty Notes: Chloe tells an autobiographical story of […]

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All Genius All Idiot: Svalbard

All Genius All Idiot Svalbard Edinburgh 2017 Go and see if:  surrealism with high skill and (mostly considered) aesthetic Stay away if: you have any issues with gender and sexuality represented outside of the norm. Overall Impression: A troupe that are intent on bringing you into their dystopian, gender bending  acid trip. Incredible high skill […]

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Insider discourses

One of the main reasons I have embarked upon this journey is I’m am intrigued about the discourse surrounding circus. How do you talk about it? As an absolute privilege I sat in the 4 hour-every-other-day Total Theatre Awards meetings that take place during the Edinburgh festival. The Festival has seven awards across 5 categories; […]

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Playing with word counts: Ethiopian Dreams by Circus Abyssinia: Featuring the Konjowoch Troupe

Go see it if; You like extremely high skilled traditional circus Stay away if: you want a narrative or concept A review in 50 words: A highly skilled themed traditional circus show. With a nod to attempting a narrative and a potential exploration into the meaning of costume and dance, it plunges into an exuberant […]

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